German Dream – „Was ist eigentlich der deutsche Traum“?

Die Lerngruppe 9a/b/c des Förderprogramms der Individuellen Lernzeitverkürzung widmete sich in den vergangenen Wochen im Englischunterricht dem Thema „American Dream“. In einer Hausaufgabe zur Sprachmittlung (Mediation) überlegten die Schülerinnen und Schüler abschließend, was eigentlich die deutsche Entsprechung des „American Dream“, also der „German Dream“ ist.

Die Ergebnisse dieser Selbstreflexion sind sehr kreativ geworden. Sie betonen die Vielfalt und demokratischen Werte unseres Landes und greifen dabei einerseits die in vielen deutschen Vorgärten vorhandenen paradiesische Idylle auf, andererseits das grundsolide Bild der deutschen Eiche, schließlich spielen sie auch mit verschiedenen deutschen Kulturlandschaften:

„In Germany, many people dream of a special garden. It’s not just any garden; it’s a place where everything is good. This dream garden represents the hopes and desires of the German people. In this garden, there are many different plants. Each one stands for one culture like the cherry blossom for Japan, cactus for North and South Amerika, tulip for the Netherlands, sunflower for Ukraine, iris for France, dandelion for Germany and the rose for Turkey – all of which are the flowers representing the aforenamed countries. The soil is rich and full of good things, showing that Germany has lots of opportunities for everyone. But what makes this garden really special is how everyone works together to take care of it. People help each other, showing how important it is to get along and support each other in life. Another thing that makes this garden unique is that it’s good for nature. It uses things like wind and sunlight to stay healthy, showing that Germany cares about protecting the environment. Overall, the German Dream Garden is a place where people can be successful, where they can get along with each other, and where they take care of nature. It’s a beautiful vision of what life could be for everyone in Germany.“ (Sang Nguyen, 9a)
„I visualized the German Dream with an old oak tree symbolizing stability and deep roots representing the respect for different traditions and history. The colorful birds nestled in the branches reflect Germany’s tolerance towards different people, and the fresh, green leaves show a commitment to modernity and sustainability, with ideas like wind power and renewable energy.“ (Zoey Luthardt, 9b)

„I imagined Germany as many different Islands, which are connected through bridges. Those islands are different from each other in climate, flora and fauna and over all just very different. The islands symbolise the many people of Germany, who all have different backgrounds, cultures, religions and beliefs, but even though they are so different, they are connected through the same core values. These German core values are freedom, tolerance, respect and solidarity. The bridges/ core values are the reason why our society works even with so many different influences and they are what makes us one community and Germany.“ (Marie Martin, 9b)

Yvonne Flach (Koordinatorin ILV)