Did you know that you actually glow differently when you’re really happy or loved?

If you haven’t found the right person yet, you do not have to worry because one day someone will come into your life and adore you for everything you are. It will happen, just wait. And then you’ll know the true meaning of happiness.

I always find myself confronting people with words I want to hear. I tell my friends that they are beautiful. I tell them that I like their dress. I like your eyes. Your smile. Why can I say it without hesitation? And why can’t I believe it when someone says it to me? What is different about me? Exactly, nothing. So, let me ask you some questions:

When was the last time you were actually happy just because life is beautiful?

The time you fell in love with nature and how beautiful the plants and flowers look in spring. The way the sun smiled at you. Or how magically white the world can turn in winter.

When was the last time you actually loved yourself instead of just saying that you did?

Looking in the mirror but not because you despise the dress you just bought but because it actually looked really beautiful.

Why do we preach selflove until it comes to the love part?

And why is everyone else worthy of it but us?

What about your inner beauty? The way you think? The way you care? The way you act? The way you treat others? Aren’t these also beautiful traits? Aren’t you beautiful?

If you don’t love yourself it’s okay. I will love you until then – when you realize that you are actually perfectly pretty the way you are. You will start seeing yourself from my point of view.

Think about being pretty and perfect. What came to your mind? Was it Kendall Jenner? Or her siblings? Or any other model? Why did you think of the look of a model? Because it´s beautiful, right? Why didn’t you think about a curvy girl? I mean, what is wrong with that curve?

Did you know that we can literally be brainwashed by social media? Society has told us, teenagers, that we aren’t beautiful enough because we don’t look like Instagram models. But we are. We just don’t see it. Never see yourself as unworthy because you couldn’t become what someone else wanted you to be.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Please just stop comparing yourself with others. You are perfect the way you are. The way you smile and laugh about little things. The way your eyes sparkle when you talk about something you’re passionate about. The way your nose puckers because you’ve just smelled something really awful. Even the way you eat. Everything about you is beautiful because you are.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The moment you start loving yourself is the moment everybody else will too. It’s all about you: the main character in your life. Start acting like you are the one. Start falling in love with yourself. You can do it and you got this. Know your value.

I love you for everything that you are and because I believe in you.

by Madlin Osso


Moments of comfort are very special and intimate. But I’ll let you in on some of my favorite kinds of moments.

When did I feel most comforted? When you did little things for me that cannot be taken for granted.

I felt comforted when you read my favorite book and talked to me about my favorite character and the story itself.

I felt comforted when you watched my favorite movie and laughed and cried to the scenes when I did.

I felt comforted when you listened to my favorite songs and jammed to them like I normally do.

I felt comforted when you went to my favorite place in town to understand why this place is so special to me and why I were always happy when I spent my time there.

I felt comforted when you stayed up with me until 3am just to let me pour out my heart to you about nonsense and how you still seemed interested and listened.

I felt comforted when you ran your fingers through my hair when I laid in your arms and spoke softly to me because you knew it was all that I needed in that moment. It felt as if every problem has been solved and all my sorrows were taken away and didn’t matter anymore.

After all these things I felt comforted, and I know that behind me there was you and there will always be you.

But you didn’t just give me the feeling of comfort. There are so many other feelings combined with it.

I felt rested when I leaned against your shoulder and closed my eyes.

I felt relieved when you told me that everything will be alright again.

I felt happy when you, my favorite person, just stayed with me.

You were there for me through the heaviest storm and even though you couldn’t change the fact that I was getting wet because of the rain, you cared for me so that I wouldn’t get sick.

In your presence I have given myself permission to be vulnerable. I am going to fall deep, but the landing won’t hurt because you will be there to catch me. You will comfort me.

mental health

There is sadness and there is happiness. If you had to choose, what would it be?

Take a deep breath. It’s okay to not be okay, believe me sooner or later you will be.

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. But you think there is and there is a reason for that: you are learning. Each day you are learning something new. You are developing and you will keep on developing even if you are old. And I think this is beautiful.

You are a person capable of change and growth. Your wounds will heal. All it takes is time.

You can use the moments. They are filled with endless opportunities.

Push yourself to go for a walk. Take your headphones with you and smile at strangers that cross your path. Be surprised how many will smile back.

Turn on some music that makes you happy. Start dancing or singing. Just shake off your worries.

Make a list of goals you want to achieve. They could be anything. Anything you want. You can manifest everything. Just keep on believing.

Open your window and smell the fresh air. Breath in and breath out. You see many people. They are happy. They are smiling. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Life is all about the little joys. The times when you are with your friends – the ones you can do anything with because they are just as crazy as you are. When you are with your family – the people you can always turn to because they’ll forever love you. When you are with a beloved person – someone you chose to be with because they are everything you have ever dreamed of. The times you were just smiling at the sun and were happy because you truly loved life. The whole world is shining because of your smile. It’s almost magical.

Just do what you love.

Remind yourself of how far you have come.

I asked you, what you would choose if you had the choice. Well, it’s up to you. You can choose happiness because this is about you finding yourself.

pluviophile (= a person who loves/takes comfort from rain)

I’m not sure what it means to love but I’d like to imagine it like rain.

You may ask yourself why because when we think of the rain, we think of melancholy, but I’ll tell you why.

I have always been someone who took comfort from rain because it was calming to watch it crash against my window. It was exciting to let the raindrops have a race on the glass and it made me happy when my raindrop won. But something changed in me when I went outside. All I wanted to do is going back inside because it started to get very cold, and my body shivered and ached for warmth. So, it has me thinking.

Why did I adore the rain so much when I was inside but start hating it when it poured down on me? When it touched me? Watching from a distance and just admiring it was beautiful. I was innocent and I didn’t know what it would be like touching it, feeling it on my skin.

The rain reminds me of love.

Why am I so afraid of falling in love when I am the one dreaming about being one of the couples in the park? Why do I want to keep love far away from myself? What happens when I lose my heart to somebody?

Maybe I am afraid to get hurt because I have already lost my heart once and it didn´t end well. But just as rain love also comes in different ways.

It can be hard and heavy like the storm.

It can be confusing when the sky changes from blue to grey. Why did the shining sun had to hide behind the dark and heavy clouds?

But don’t forget that it also can be light and soft like the drizzle.

A fresh summer rain is my most favorite thing.

So maybe I got in touch with the wrong kind of rain and another was meant to come its way for me.

Without rain, there can be no rainbow. Something contrary because the rainbow has all these beautiful colors, whereas the rain is just grey, but still it belongs together. Sometimes you have to endure the cold, to see beauty.

But yet I still asked myself constantly: Aren’t we like the rain?

when you left

I miss you and the feelings you gave me. I miss the way you looked at me when your eyes were filled with pride and admiration. I miss how you made me smile when I was on my lowest and I miss laughing with you. I miss your voice and the softness in it. I miss the memories we shared and the late conversations we had.

But even though I miss all of it, I still don’t want you back. Maybe I just miss the way I felt when I was with you.

I felt loved. In a way nobody would understand but us. It was a convenient kind of love with no pressure and no rush. A love which made me forget time.

It’s okay to miss people who no longer play a role in your life. It’s okay to miss all those moments, the bad and good. You can still cherish the happiness you felt without wanting these people back.

But why is it that my heart is telling me to hold on, even though my mind has already let go?

Sometimes you have to accept that not everyone is supposed to stay in your life. Some people are sent to give you a lesson. For history not repeating itself. For not doing the same fault twice.

Sometimes you meet people and you’re feeling so connected to them but what if you both needed each other just for a certain time. Just to heal ourselves. And when you are healed the time is over. You’re going to be strangers again, but this time you share a past together with a lot of memories.

And remember: We don’t always lose when we lose.